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Workplace Compliance

/live/courses/First-Aid-at-Work.jpgFIRST AID IN THE WORKPLACE

Employers are obliged to provide first aid care for their staff and have a duty of care towards all visitors and users of their facilities.  S.K.I.L. Health and Safety can assist you in your assessment of statutory first aid needs. Regulations state there is no need for employers to perform due diligence checks on regulated ITC Centres delivering ITC qualifications.  See paragraph 12 of HSE document GIS3.  

Statutory Qualifications For HSE Regulatory Compliance

  • FAW    First Aid at Work (3 days, 18 hours)
  • FAWR  First Aid at Work Refresher (2 days, 12 hours)
  • EFAW  Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day, 6 hours)
  • BSR     Basic Skills Refresher (3 hours)

Accredited Qualifications

All the courses above are suitable for most workplace sectors,and many organisations regularly send one or two individuals on these courses. The particular course chosen depends upon a risk assessment of your first aid needs.

Student Package

Interactive hands-on practical training, 1 CPR training manikin per 2 candidates, Easy to follow individual course manual, ITC certificate valid for 3 years.


Individual:  FAW £190   FAWR £140   EFAW £70   

Group bookings - please contact us for current rates.



We deliver level 2 ITC courses in the following:


  • Health and Safety in the Workplace


  • Safe Moving and Handling
  • Fire Safety


Courses have 6 hours contact time.



Individual: £72

Group bookings - please contact us for current rates. 




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